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abulia, airiness, airy texture, amiable weakness, attenuation, bad habit, besetting sin, blemish, breakability, breakableness, brittleness, bug, cachexia, cachexy, catch, changeableness, chronic ill health, collapse, cowardice, crack, crackability, crackableness, crispness, crumbliness, crushability, crushableness, daintiness, debilitation, debility, decrepitude, defect, defection, deficiency, delicacy, delicate health, destructibility, diaphanousness, dilutedness, dilution, disintegration, drawback, effeminacy, enervation, ethereality, exhaustion, exiguity, exility, failing, failure, faintheartedness, faintness, fallibility, fault, faute, fear, feeblemindedness, feebleness, fineness, fissility, flaw, flimsiness, foible, fracturableness, fragility, frangibility, friability, gauziness, gossameriness, gracility, healthlessness, hole, human equation, human frailty, human weakness, humanity, humanness, hypochondria, hypochondriasis, ill health, imperfection, impressionability, inadequacy, indecisiveness, infirmity, infirmity of will, inherent vice, insubstantiality, invalidism, invalidity, irresolution, kink, lacerability, laciness, languishing, languishment, liability, lightness, little problem, mistiness, moral flaw, moral weakness, morbidity, morbidness, mortality, paperiness, peakedness, pliability, poor health, problem, rarity, rift, shortcoming, sickliness, sleaziness, slenderness, slightness, slimness, snag, something missing, spinelessness, subtility, suggestibility, susceptibility, taint, tenuity, thinness, unhealthiness, unsoundness, unsubstantiality, unwholesomeness, vagueness, valetudinarianism, velleity, vice, vulnerability, vulnerable place, wasting, wateriness, weak link, weak point, weak side, weak will, weak-mindedness, weakliness, weakness, wispiness, womanishness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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